Attic Treasures


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      Attic Treasures 

      The thrill is back! Attic Treasures will take you back to the excitement of opening packs of baseball cards to find your childhood heroes and the thrill of chasing that big card. Collect, trade, sell. Just don’t put any on your bicycle spokes! 

      Each box contains three packs with three vintage baseball cards per pack. Look for 1-3 Hall of Famers per box! Also, watch out for HOT boxes which will contain all Hall of Famers! Brands are Topps, Bowman, Goudey, Diamond Stars, T206 inserts, and more! Also look to find graded cards of Hall of Famers! If you hit a graded card that box will contain one card which is the graded card. 

      What treasures will you find?


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